Old Town Carriage Co

Take in the sights of Historic Old Town Eureka while riding in a horse drawn carriage.  

Brendan Fearon will guide you on a most unique & informative tour of Eureka's once bustling commercial district. 

Great for a family outing or to spark a little romance with an evening ride. Look for the carriage at the Gazebo on 2nd & F streets.

Also available for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and special events throughout Humboldt County. Call or email to find out more.


Old Town Carriage Co.

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Second & F Streets
Old Town by the Gazebo
Eureka, CA

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  • Rates per trip - 20-25 minutes $28.00. 40-45 minutes $47.00
  • Max Capacity is 4 adults & 2 small children - Year-round
  • Family fun or romance
  • Fridays and Saturdays