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Mother of All Bigfoots Returns to Humboldt

Veterans Park
100 Kimtu Road
Willow Creek, CA

Willow Creek, CA – The Northern California mountain town where the modern Bigfoot legend began is hosting a 50th-anniversary commemoration on Saturday, April 29th. Among the guests, the TV show Finding Bigfoot, which will shoot a special two-hour episode for the popular Animal Planet series; and Bob Gimlin, the cryptozoology hunter who filmed the famous “Patti” Bigfoot near Willow Creek in 1967. 

The public is invited to join in the festivities, which will include a parade, contests for best Bigfoot calling, knocking and footprint making, axe throwing and logging competitions, as well as live entertainment, a kids zone, and a special showing of the Patterson-Gimlin footage, the second most watched amateur film ever. 

Many have tried to debunk the iconic grainy 16mm film, which seems to show a female Bigfoot walking in a forest clearing next to Bluff Creek, but advocates call it the best scientific evidence proving the creature’s existence. 

Believer or not, search for yourself, either at the festival, which will likely include a cameo from the legendary man-beast; at the Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum, which displays the largest collection of curios related to the monster, or on a crypto-hunting expedition in the nearby Six Rivers National Forest, the one-million-acre federal wilderness where the film was shot.

For those wishing for a more civilized quest, the search can include stops at the Bigfoot Golf Course, the Bigfoot Motel, the Bigfoot Cafe, and include provisions of Bigfoot Burgers and Bigfoot Cabernet. 

The festival will take place 10 AM to 6 PM in Veterans Park, 100 Kimtu Road. The town parade will be at 10 AM. For more, visit: or call 707-335-6202. Free.