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The Eagles have hatched


Don't take it from us how great the Redwood Coast is. Here's what writers, photographers, bloggers and regular folks have to report. 

Live video: Humboldt Bay Eagle Cam
A pair of raptors have nested over California's second largest natural bay. See the birds up close as they take care of their spring younglings. 

Media: Men's Journal finds wilderness beach
The adventure magazine praises the coast around Shelter Cove as "the only significant stretch of California without a shoreline highway, and so has thus far escaped tourism's aggressive paws."

Pets: Ruffing it in the redwoods
The San Francisco Chronicle took their pooches to their favorite spots in California and Humboldt ranked near the tops, thanks to numerous dog-friendly beaches and redwood trails, including Eureka's Sequoia Park.

Pic: Green carpet near the Avenue of the Giants
This view of lush sorrel, aka, Redwood clover, has generated a flurry of re-posts and comments on Pinterest and Facebook. Why not walk through the real thing?

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